Doctoral (PhD)

Current Graduation (exp.) Topic
Hassan Abdolhosseini 2024 Sustainability in supply chains
Rafael Escamilla 2023 Digitization in nanostore retail
Nughthoh Arfawi Kurdhi 2021 Closed loop supply chains
Nayeli Hernandez 2022 Socially responsible operations
Completed Graduation Thesis title
Jiwen Ge 2017 Traditional retail distribution in megacities
Taimaz Soltani 2017 Risk management at the interface of operations and finance
Hande de Korte – Cetinay 2016 Integrated Operational and Financial Decision Making
Marko Jaksic 2016 Inventory Models with Uncertain Supply
Anna Franceschetti 2015 Sustainable City Logistics. Fleet planning, routing and scheduling problems
Roy van den Berg 2015 Strategies and new business models in intermodal hinterland transport 
Kasper van der Vliet 2015 Concepts and Trade-offs in Supply Chain Finance
Maxi Udenio 2014 Inventory dynamics and the bullwhip effect : studies in supply chain performance
Stefano Fazi 2014 Mode selection, routing and scheduling for inland container transport
Kristina Sharypova 2014 Optimization of Hinterland Intermodal Container Transportation
Frank van den Heuvel 2013 Co-location in Logistics: Geography, synergy, policy
Andreas Pufall 2013 Ramp-up performance in consumer electronics
Kristel Hoen 2012 Design and control of carbon aware supply chains
Michiel Jansen 2012 Lead Time Anticipation in supply chain operations planning
Alina Curseu 2012 Retail inventory management with lost sales
Youssef Boulaksil 2010 Planning of outsourced operations in pharmaceutical supply chains
Ulas Özen 2007 Collaboration between Multiple Newsvendors
Baris Selcuk 2007 Dynamic Performance of Hierarchical Planning Systems
Judith Spitter 2005 Rolling Schedule Approaches for Supply Chain Operations Planning
Cristina Ivanescu 2004 Order Acceptance under Uncertainty in Batch Process Industries
Anastasia Zoryk-Schalla 2001 Modeling of Decision Making Processes in Supply Chain Planning Software
Ebbe Negenman 2000 Material Coordination under Capacity Constraints
Wenny Raaymakers 1999 Order Acceptance and Capacity Loading in Batch Process Industries

Master (MSc)

Completed (Tu/e)
Complete list of Master Theses supervised